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Every year millions of people go through the holiday lighting struggle.  Getting to the attic or storage to get the lights, untangling the lights, finding the one light that is out in a strand of bulbs, buying new lights, sorting which lights go where, getting others to help, climbing up ladders, and any more.  There is a better way!

Why take a day or weekend out when you could be doing better things with your valuable time?

Introducing the Cosmic Effects LED permanent track lighting system!

Contact us or schedule an appointment today and step into the future of home holiday lighting today!

We are licensed, bonded and insured! AZ ROC# 313796

About Our Company

At Cosmic Effects we believe that there is a better way to have holiday lights for your home.

Lighting for all applications

Cosmic Effects

Product Highlights: Controllable via wireless remote or SmartPhone app. Programmable (Start on a timer). 1000 Different Color Combinations. 1000 Different ways to Display Your Lights-preprogramed all ready. Bright multi-color lights that are individually replaceable.

Award Winning Results

The greatest compliment we can ever receive is your repeat business and/or your referral. We hope to hear from you or an acquaintance in the near future!

We have a diverse range of customers but they all have one thing in common; excellent service provided and customer satisfaction.


Cosmic Effects is an Authorized Dealer for GemstoneLights

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Certified Arizona ROC# 313796

Cosmic effects is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured registered contractor in Arizona.  AZ ROC# 313796

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