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Features That Matter

Product Highlights: Controllable via wireless remote or SmartPhone app. Programmable (Start on a timer). 1000 Different Color Combinations. 1000 Different ways to Display Your Lights-preprogramed all ready. Bright multi-color lights that are individually replaceable.

Limitless Lighting Possibilities with Intelligent Controller and App

See the difference in our lights

Feature Gemstone Jellyfish Trimlight MyEverlights Inception
Multi-color capable (can display more than 2 colors at a time) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RGBWW-Red-Green-Blue-White-Soft White Yes No No No No
Individually addressable lights (each light can be programmed a different color) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create programs and motion patterns instantly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advertised lifetime-use rating 50,000 hrs. 22,000 hrs. 50,000 hrs. 50,000 hrs. 50,000 hrs.
Waterproof rating (IP68 is fully-submersible capable) IP67 Yes but not rated Yes but not rated Not rated IP67
Standard light spacing 9" 9" 9” or 12” 12" 12"
or closer or closer
Voltage 12v 48v 5v 5v 24v or 36v
Visible “bumps” during daylight (light sticks out of channel creating bumps along facade) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Light cover / channel susceptible to rust/corrosion No No Yes Yes No
Built-in space to run additional wires Yes No No No Yes
Fire rating (V-0 represents self-extinguishing lights) Yes Not rated Not rated Not rated Not rated
Automated timer function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control box location (interior/exterior) Indoor and Outdoor Indoors Indoors and Outdoors Indoors Outdoors
Difficult miter cuts when installing, etc. No DIY Option Yes Yes Yes Yes
Miter cut open gaps leave channel susceptible to insect nesting Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Android or iOS Both Both Both Both Both
Traditional outward facing appearance Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes Yes
Down-light/wall-wash effect Yes Yes Yes No No
Locations Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide, CO, KY, LA, Nationwide
North America Canada NJ, OH, TN
Warranty 5 years 1 year labor, Limited lifetime 1-15 years 10 years
3 years parts
Self-install DIY option No Yes Yes Yes No

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Cosmic Effects is an Authorized Dealer for GemstoneLights

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Cosmic effects is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured registered contractor in Arizona.  AZ ROC# 313796

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